Law, Insurance & Finance Translation Network (LIFT)

A network of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Welcome to the Law, Insurance & Finance Translation Network

We don't just translate: we speak your specialist language.

The pitfalls in translation and interpreting are plentiful, so you are well advised to use specialists who are familiar with your subject. Our 200+ members offer wide-ranging expertise in many language combinations, enabling you to find the right professional for the job.

We're a network within a network.

We are a group of translators and interpreters within the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Our members specialise in one or more of the fields of Law, Insurance and Finance. We support each other by sharing expertise and experience and organising mentoring and training events. The network is an important component in maintaining the highest professional standards for the benefit of our clients.

Not just the language, but the right language for you

We are the people who make sure that your respondents are not defendants; that equipment is depreciated but goodwill is amortised and financial assets are written down; that losses aren't damages; and that derivatives are measured at fair value.

Need an interpreter?

Our members also include interpreters in many language combinations.

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